Just A Dream Story

I looked up and there you were smiling at me. I sent a small smile back your way before walking over to you.

“Hey handsome!” Your beautiful, toothy grin sent my heart into hysterics.

“How’s your day been beautiful?”

“It’s better now that you’re here.” With that, you leaned in and quickly kissed my cheek. My breathing grew ragged, my mind in pure bliss. Never have I felt this way about another girl. Gently I pulled you to my chest, if only to keep you close.

“I love you so much.” Smiling, I planted a soft kiss on the top of your head. I rocked us back and forth gently, keeping you closer still as I breathed in your soft scent with closed eyes, lingering in this moment.

As I buried my nose into your silky hair, I could feel you begin to slip away. No longer were you close, no longer could I smell that fresh berry smell of your shampoo.

Opening my eyes, I found myself alone in my bed. I sat for a moment, believing that you had gone for a drink of water when reality hit me. I had been dreaming. You were only a dream. I could feel heat rush to the corners of my eyes as a longing for your presence overwhelmed me.

“My love, I wish you were still here with me.”

Grabbing an extra pillow, your favorite pillow, I held it close as I laid on my side. Slowly I fell back asleep, snuggled into your pillow, dreaming about us.

A Letter To An Almost-Dead Person

Dear Person,

Today you died, or at least that’s what you think. You don’t feel anything, all of your emotions are locked up. What you don’t understand is that you’re still alive. You still have a heart that beats and lungs that breathe. You have eyes that can twinkle with joy, or shine with tears.

You might be almost dead, but your not dead. You might feel weak and useless, but you still have strength. There is power held deep within you. You almost died and have come back stronger for it.

You are almost dead, but not yet dead, because you want to fight. You may not realize this because you still don’t know if you’re dead or not, but you have a fighting will that WILL NOT let you die.

You are a living being. you are not almost dead, you are not dead. You are living, breathing and smiling. You may find that life still has its challenges, but it will get better. Everyday that you feel your heartbeat is another day of victory over the death that almost took you. You can now smile, stick your chest out and say


Your Beauty

In society today, we are told that our beauty comes from how we look. It doesn’t matter how you act, or how you speak as long as you look right. Today beauty is covering up the things about us that we don’t like with the top products, so that people will see what we want them to see. I’m not saying that makeup is bad by any means, but we should not be measuring our beauty and the beauty of others by how much makeup they have on, or what they wear. We should be measuring beauty on how people act, and how they speak. We should take as an example of inner beauty Proverbs 31:10-31. The twelfth verse especially should be out battle cry: “She brings him good, NOT HARM all the days of her life.” Why do we think that it’s so cool for people to hurt others and get away with it? Why do we have to ridicule to be “popular”? Proverbs 31:25 says that the type of person that girls, but I say also guys, should be is the type that is able to look at tomorrow and smile, to laugh with joy, not stress about every second. We weren’t created to be consumed by our doubts and worries, so why do we? Why do we let earthly matters take away from our beauty? I challenge you to be kind to people that you might not think deserve kindness, along with everyone else. Take a breath, and smile at today and tomorrow.

Hungry lion chases a man


cropped-1351.jpgAkenji was all alone in the forest. It was dark, quiet and frightful. How he got there, he could not tell. He had been told that lions were common in that locality. His heart began to pound and pounded hard. He was as afraid as someone in a plane high up in the sky who had just been informed that the engine had failed and the plane was crashing.

Just as fear-waves raced through his mind, he heard a IMG_0375frightful growl; and, knew there was danger around. It was a lion.The eyes of the fierce animal shone like the light of a touch in the dark night.

The king of the forest was as hungry as a wolf. It had gone all day without food and saw his chance for a meal.
Another surge of adrenaline swept through Akenji’s whole body. Sweat streamed down his armpits. He knew the end…

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Happy Easter, He is Risen

Happy Easter, everyone!

Just a reminder on this glorious day that Christ is not dead, He is alive. Some of us may feel like He’s dead, like He’s a two thousand year old corpse that can’t help us, but I want to let you know that He isn’t. He rose from the dead in order to help us with our problems, even if we don’t think he can. I just want to remind everyone this Easter that he is here for you, and if you give him your struggles, he will help you through them.